ISB offers affordable web-based software products that are specialized for Idaho special education and service delivery tracking.  The software is highly customizable, can be implemented in a very short time-frame, and is supported by a local staff of technicians and developers.  




Through the benefits of iTrack Logs, clinicians easily document the delivery of Special Education services in real time.  iTrack Logs provides fast, reliable documentation and tracking of service delivery securely over the Internet.  Information is stored in a secure database for report generation, compliance and Medicaid billing.


iTrack Logs, including its built in reporting and support package, is provided as a free tool to our clients.


iTrack IEP is an integrated IEP software and special education management system that is both user-friendly and comprehensive in its scope. With a focus on compliance and efficiency, iTrack gives you a total special education management process at your fingertips.

Since iTrack IEP is web-based, you can access your special education data from any internet-accessible computer, day or night. And with total support from the iTrack support team, you have all the assistance you need, when you need it.

iTrack is the only special education management solution your school district will ever need. Its flexibility, accessibility, and reliability provide a foundation for success for your special education program. 

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Side-Logo     CSA, (an ISB company) provides consulting, administrative services and special education IEP software solutions for school districts. Our CSA professionals have experience and knowledge in school administration, finance, health services, project management, software development and client care. CSA provides onsite training to school personnel for school based Medicaid reimbursement, and IEP case management software solutions. CSA employs the latest web based technologies to assist school districts with Medicaid compliance, documentation, and reporting.

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